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About Technical Support (Mechanical/electronics)

Technical Support constitutes a framework for the technical environments and functions servicing all research groups and teaching at NBI. We help out with development, fabrication, service and running of all kinds of research instruments and teaching equipment.

Our technical competences span a wide range of knowledge such as:

  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Software
  • Vacuum technique
  • Low temperature techniques
  • Nano fabrication
  • Optics and CCD design
  • X-Ray equipment
  • Building facilities

Technical Support is organized in four main fields:

Electronics, mechanics, local (specialist) support, and facilities support, but often we handle tasks in a competent interdisciplinary collaboration.

The best results are always obtained by working closely together we therefore try to keep a close contact between the technical staff and the user. It is a tremendous advantage both for you and for us if you involve Technical Support in your project as early as possible. You are welcome to stop by to talk to us as soon as you are able to make a “back of the envelope sketch”.

Where do I go with my task?

If you already have contact to someone relevant in Tech Support just talk to him/her directly. We then estimate the task and if it is only a small job we take care of it asap or if it turns out to be something bigger or more complex we “pickup” the task/project and bring it to our weekly review and planning meeting. This ensures that all jobs are prioritized and carried out in a rational way.

If you are planning a larger project or you do not know who to talk to please contact the Head of Technical Support Claus B. Sørensen. We will then find the relevant staff for you.