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The Electronics Workshop

The electronics workshop, empoying 8 people and 1 apprentice, is capable of most tasks within the industry. The workshop produces many prototypes and a lot of these become very important parts of the research groups daily inventory. The workshop has it’s own PCB milling machine for 2 layer PCB’s for rapid prototyping, and a reflow oven for assembling of inhouse PCB’s. Multilayer PCB’s are made outhouse.

Among the many things made at this workshop are the world famous cameras for astronomical research, based on advanced FPGA technology. Also within the field of FPGA projects are the Atlas and Alice detectors at CERN. The workshop has designed and manufactured a lot of different amplifiers that are not ready-made in the shops. The latest motorcontroller utilizing advanced microcontroller technique for icecoredrilling in the Arctic and Antarctic, is also developed here at the electronics workshop.