Staff – University of Copenhagen

Workshop skills

Jimmy Cali Hansen:

Laptop, Desktop and


SMD soldering, Service

and soldering of small circuits,

purchases for education

and sciencegroups,

Service at CERN (ALICE),

poster printouts.

Bent Neumann Jensen:

Analog & Digital circuits,

µ-controllers, C-Programming,

vb-scripting, repair and development, homepage,

video photographer, light and sound,

Windows user, Linux user, PCB-



Altium, Atmel Studio, Inventor,

CircuitPro, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Fusion 360, Embarcadero, MACH3

Axel Boisen:

Analog & Digital circuits,

repair and development,

C-Programming, Windows user,

Mac user.


Altium, OrCad, Inventor

Jan Oeschle:

FPGA developer,

Analog & Digital circuits.