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The Mechanical Workshop

The mechanical workshop, employing 8 precision mechanics and 2-3 apprentices, the workshop is well equipped with machines for all kind of conventional metal processing, including CNC lathes and milling machines. The more sophisticated things are made with CAD/CAM to meet high level specifications, - details and tolerances. The group is capable of almost anything within mechanical design and manufacturing. The group is specialized in prototypes; custom made science instruments, equipment for high vacuum and low temperature use, opto-mechanics for laser & x-ray setups, and astronomical instruments.

Among the many things made at the workshop, are magnet holders for several Mars missions, special customized ice core drills for environmental research at Greenland and Antarctica, and cameras for astronomic research. Not to mention the big detectors at CERN and X-shooter, a wide band (U to K intermediate resolution (4000-14000) single object three arms spectrograph for the Very Large Telescope.


From sketch to high end solutions.

We are using 3D digital prototyping tools from Autodesk

We can help you, to come from the simple concept sketch, to a high end 3D digital prototype, which is able simulate mechanical motions & functions.

We have many generations of experience in building scientific instrument solutions, and we will always do our best to improve your ideas & design solutions

  • Mechanical design & concept layouts
  • Finite element analysis of mechanical structures, iex: static stress and modal analysis
  • Technical detail drawings – tolerance settings in respect to the mechanical purpose
  • Presentation material,  for concept presentations or Abstracts purpose

We are able to take care of the project management of the mechanical construction & manufacturing process if needed.


We are able to do all kind of conventional machining.

  • Turning/Milling/Drilling
  • Welding TIG/MIG, high vacuum grade welding’s
  • Soldering, silver soldering
  • Simple sheet metal work

We are equipped with 3 CNC milling machines and 1 CNC lathe, these are our workhorses and indispensable due to machine advance shaped geometries.

HAAS UMC                750X750 Y400 Z500 (Coming soon – 1. Oct 2014)

HAAS MINI MILL 2     X500 Y400 Z400

FADAL                      X1000 Y500 Z500

HAAS SL30               Ø200x300


We are using our subcontractors for facilities we do not have in house such as:

  • Large parts, which we can’t handle in respect to our machine boundaries
  • Laser cutting facilities for sheet metal cutouts.
  • Spark erosions / wire erosion
  • Surfaces treatment (ex. anodization, goldplating)
  • 3D Printing facilities
  • Plastic molding
  • Optics / Glass